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    Bathroom Faucets – Facts To Consider Before Shopping

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    Selecting bathroom faucets requires some thought, and the mechanics and installation types of bathroom faucets were covered in my previous article. If you missed it, you should take a minute to read the first article.

    Once you have decided whether you need a center set, widespread, or single hole faucet, and have chosen between compression, cartridge, or a disc type bathroom faucet, there are still some things to consider.

    Style Preference in Bathroom Faucets

    This is bound to be an easy choice. Most of us seem wired from birth to a preference for one style or another. You know what you are comfortable with whether it is Country, Victorian, French Provincial, Tuscan, or Contemporary. This to some degree will impact the finish you choose, but many of the finishes cross style lines.

    Bathroom Faucets-Fit and Finish

    There are so many style options in bathroom faucets these days, that it is important to see how they will coordinate and fit with other elements in your bath.

    * Consider spout height. Many bathroom faucets are available with longer spouts these days, and the height and reach should be considered. For instance, the height of the spout may make a slight difference in how high you mount your mirror or medicine cabinet above it. Consider splash and make sure you have adequate clearance.

    * When thinking about the splash effect, consider the depth of the sink and whether it is up to absorbing the water from the spout without splashing out or up. This is an important consideration especially in a household with children.

    Bathroom Faucets and Finishes


    Bathroom faucets are available in shiny finishes. Chrome has long been the overwhelmingly popular choice, but there is polished chrome, polished brass, and French gold, just to name a few. These finishes do require more ongoing care to keep them polished and shiny. They are more likely to show water spots and finger smudges, so just realize that before making a choice.

    * Many of today’s homeowners prefer the brushed or satin finishes in bathroom faucets. Although stylish and attractive baths are what homeowners want, they prefer to spend more time enjoying them and less time with intensive care and maintenance.

    * Satin nickel, matte chrome. brushed bronze, brazen bronze and other of the less shiny bathroom faucet finishes are becoming increasingly popular due to the ease of care they require.

    * And of course, many more finishes such as oil rubbed bronze, Venetian bronze, black iron, and weathered copper are being made available for great diversity in bathroom faucet finishes. Some of these are considered living finishes and will change with time and use. They are designed to change, and if you purchase a faucet with a living finish you just need to recognize this as a natural process and be able to live with your choice in later years.

    When selecting the style and finish of your bathroom faucet, keep other bathroom elements in mind. Consider how it will look with your countertop, backsplash, lighting etc. By planning and coordinating all the elements in your bathroom carefully, you should be proud of your choice in bathroom faucets for years into the future.


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